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Swine flu and Captain Trips.

I’m addicted to Twitter. That’s pretty much official. I go on every morning when I wake up and tweet a little something about how my day is expected to progress. At night, I tweet a round-up of 140 characters or less.

Since this swine flu deal, I’ve been tweeting the occasional article and including something about Captain Trips in my 140, a reference to the fictional disease that nearly obliterates the human race in Stephen King’s masterpiece The Stand. The only person that I’ve spoken to who has gotten this reference is my sister, who is also a great King fan; everyone else just looks at me like I’m cuckoo.

Tonight, my insanity has been affirmed: there are people on Twitter who are acting as characters from The Stand. Click here to link to my Twitter profile, then you can look at the people I follow: Nick Andros, Nadine Cross, Randall Flagg, Mother Abigail, Stu Redman, Trashcan Man, Tom Cullen, Glen Bateman, Larry Underwood and Harold Lauder. I was shocked when I saw all of these people on Twitter. It was confirmation that when the first swine flu reports came out and the World Health Organization decided to call this a pandemic, I was not the only person who thought, “Oh great. Everybody aboard the cruise to hell. Our pilot will be Captain Trips.”

Perhaps the strangest element of all of this madness is the dream that I had a couple of nights ago and subsequent notification to my e-mail that Mother Abigail was following me on Twitter. In the book, Mother Abigail communicates with people through their dreams (or, God communicates with people through their dreams for Mother Abigail). In the dream, I was reading The Stand and using it as a map to guide me to a place of safety, where I expected to meet up with Peter and save the world. I was wearing a cape (that’s how serious I was about saving the world), and my copy of The Stand was the same well-worn thrift store copy that I have now, with the back cover missing and the front cover hanging on by a thread.

It’s fascinating and a little sick to see people who had the same thought as me but took it to the next level.

And in some weird way, I’m hoping the same thing happens with Facebook so they can all be my friends and I can tag them in pictures of people wearing surgical masks.

If people’s eyes start to swell up and faces turn black and the coughing becomes so violent people are spitting up bits of their lungs, I will expect apologies from all of you.