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Post A Day.

I’m joining this whole “Post A Day” thing. For each day in 2011, I’ll write a post — barring any unforeseen illness/loss of limbs.

So get ready!

The visible shoulder is the one on which I found the monster hair.

Molly the Mascot is ready, so let’s do this. (Doesn’t she look vigilant?)

If you want to join the bowel movement, visit The Daily Post.

Molly dog.


Here’s the North American Molly Dog, always good for a cuddle and a laugh. She understands English, and she enjoys grooming herself on my lap.

She isn’t my dog; she belongs to my boyfriend.

Molly tells the funniest jokes, way better than Dug from “Up!” In her jokes, the squirrels die, but the punchlines are way funnier. For example:

“Did you hear about the squirrel who got into the cuckoo’s nest? They say the bird ate him because the squirrel was totally nuts!”

She does a stand-up routine every Saturday night at Paws for Laughter.