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Greatest e-mail ever.

I just received the greatest e-mail ever. EVER. Someone who shall remain nameless — because they sent the e-mail anonymously instead of leaving a comment like a big boy or girl — sent me this beauty about my Gary Glitter blog post (my reactions are in bright blue):

just stumbled across your “blog”.

Really? I immediately discount your opinion because you put “blog” in quotation marks and you put the period outside of the closing mark. Bravo.

i have seenn some pretty horrible blogs in my time, but your’s is a whole nother level of bad.

This just gets better and better. Keep it coming.

i dont get offended easily, and i think i’m with everyone else when i say you are out of line saying bad things about “Glee”.

Oh, I’m sorry I offended yo — wait, what? You’re upset about my post because I said something bad about Glee?

that show does more for the little people then your sitty blog ever will.

You missed an “h.”

how can you, in good consceince, say the show is “preechy?”

How can you, in good conscience, correct someone when you can’t even spell conscience, and you can’t properly use quotation marks with other punctuation?

Glee isnt preechy. it saves many people. they wouldn’t know what to do about bullies unless Glee told them.

This has to be a joke. This person is capitalizing the name of a TV show like it’s the name of God.

until you stand up for gay ppl the way Glee does, you have no right to call it preechy.

Glee = not preechy. Gotcha.


Next time think about your use of CAPS lock.


a concerned reader

You stay classy, Glee fans.

The guy who wrote “the ‘HEY!’ song” is a pedophile, Dad.

It’s going to break my dad’s heart when he finds out that the guy who wrote what he and so many others call “the ‘HEY!’ song” — which is actually entitled “Rock and Roll Parts 1 & 2” — is a pedophile.

I was listening to the Spectrum on SiriusXM today (my car came with free satellite radio), and the DJ mentioned that the Black Keys admit to being inspired by Gary Glitter, writer of stadium anthems and apparent molester of children.

"Hello, boys and girls. I'm Gary Glitter."

Well, I guess I don’t need to say “apparent.” Courts in the U.K. and Vietnam convicted Mr. Glitter of pedophilia. Which kind of makes me think about the “Hey!” in that song in a completely new light. It’s more like, “Hey! Get away from me, Gary Glitter! You’re creepy and smell like a Vietnamese prison.”

The DJ on Spectrum actually criticized the Black Keys for saying they were influenced by Gary Glitter. Can you believe that? Like it’s their fault he recorded one of the most successful stadium songs ever, the song every Patriots fan hollers in delight after each touchdown, field goal or safety. If she’s criticizing the Black Keys, then she also needs to criticize the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people who jam out to that song every time it comes on the radio, from the television or out of a karaoke machine at a crappy bar where everyone is too drunk to pick songs with real lyrics and the next song chosen is “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

(Not that I have anything against that song. I love it. I just know that Journey has better songs, and I hate that Glee made it such a huge deal. I just can’t stand Glee anymore. It’s gotten so preachy. Every time I watch it, I feel like they’re trying to make me a better person. I don’t need self-help seminars coming from a TV show on Fox, and I don’t like blatant imagery/metaphors. I want a little mystique to my entertainment, which is probably the same reason I can’t make it through The Shack by William P. Young. Honestly, Mr. Young, this is not much of a metaphor: Jesus is walking across the water with the main character, and he spots a fish he’s been trying to catch. Jesus begins to chase the fish, and the main character asks Jesus why He doesn’t just command the fish come to Him. Jesus replies that it wouldn’t be as much fun, or something banal like that. Really? Really?! If you want people to understand that God doesn’t command us to love Him because that wouldn’t be true love, that we must love Him willingly, just say so. Drop the act.)

Wow. That felt good, and probably shouldn’t be in parentheses.

I completely forgot where I was going with this post. I guess it’s really just something to pass the time while I’m sitting at home recovering from yet another migraine and hoping there isn’t someone downstairs because I heard a piece of glass clink. It could have been the cat, but that would be too easy. So I locked the doors leading into my bedroom, turned on the Black Keys and posted a Facebook status that reads, “I get so paranoid when I’m in a house by myself.”

I often wonder the source of this paranoia. I’ve never been in a house when a thief has broken into it. I’ve never lived next door to a house when a thief has broken into it. When my family lived in Massachusetts, we lived down the street from a halfway house. One of the residents (who was very mentally disturbed) showed up at our kitchen door one day with his pants around his ankles asking for change for a $5 because he “wanted buy a Pepsi.” At the time, my 7-year-old brain reasoned that we was wanted by goons from PepsiCo … but that’s because I read the stocks page in the newspaper too much.

Other than that fellow, I haven’t had a face-to-face encounter with an intruder. I hope I would handle it well if someone climbed through my window, snatchin’ my people up, tryin’ a’ rape ’em. Luckily, I have neither kids, wife nor husband.