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Online comics.

I have been getting back into reading online comics every day. My favorites:

cyanide and happiness

By far, my favorite web comic ever is toothpaste for dinner. I read it every day, sometimes more than once, sometimes –GASP– I read it for an hour while procrastinating, when I should be studying for Religion and News Seminar. I don’t know anything about the person who writes it (or should it be “draws”), but there is sometimes a crudely-drawn pug involved, and very often the events take place in an office. When I was stuck behind a desk (a year of my life, wasted), I would always take the time to go through the archives every morning and read one of the office comics, just to make myself feel a little better about my situation. Whoever writes it is consistently funny. Por ejemple:

Best part of that is what the ticket says: “What did you even eat?”