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This just in from Spring Training….

Kevin Youkilis, #20 infielder for the Boston Red Sox, showed up to play the Twins this afternoon fresh faced. As in he shaved. As in, if he doesn’t grow some hair on the top of his head, people might start thinking he has alopecia.

Just Wednesday, Youkilis (left) was at Hammond Stadium in Ft. Myers with his now-trademark handlebar … thing.

Apparently he decided that having a fuzzy millipede over his lip wasn’t working for him. I remember he had the hairless thing going in 2007, but I still think the transition would go over a lot better if he would actually grow some hair on his head.

If I were a real, hard-hitting sports journalist, I would always be sure to ask the tough questions. Like, “Why did you do it, Youk? Why did you do it?….”