The mystical allure of the Freshly Pressed page.

When I first began blogging, I had no goal in sight. I just wanted to get my ideas heard, have a place to post rough drafts of articles and write in a very stream-of-consciousness fashion with no fear of genuine critics.

I started this endeavor earnestly enough. My first post was pretty stereotypical: “Hello, I’m Kristina. I write and take photos. Here are my activities. I go to school, and that’s kind of a big deal. You should care about me because I’m a middle class Caucasian girl, one of hundreds of thousands who blog every day and expect people to care. Look at me and see I’m not different.”

Oh, the laughs we shared!

Throughout this process, I’ve become more involved with my blogging. Remember that stint where I blogged every day for almost a month? I even joined the WordPress Post a Day 2011 movement, although I’m not sure I should continue with that badge on the right side of my page since I haven’t posted in so long.

It was during my Post a Day 2011 phase that I became obsessed with Freshly Pressed. I read it every day. I would check to see who had been chosen — anyone I follow? — and then I would wait breathlessly until the next morning to see if my blog, by some incredible chance, had been chosen.

Chosen. Like God chose the Israelites, so some divine hand reaches through the internet and hand-picks blogs to be featured on Freshly Pressed. Some powerful being with impeccable taste (admit it, you love every post you’ve ever seen on FP) miraculously locates the very best posts on WordPress.

Who knows how it occurs? Is it based on page views? Search terms based on timely topics? Quirky photos that pop up in the image stream?

Most importantly:

How can I get their attention?

How do I get my blog on Freshly Pressed? I became obsessed for awhile. Every time I worked on a new post for Post a Day, I would wonder if this would be the one to break the barriers. I really thought I had something with the exploding possums, and again with my prehistoric crane photo. But somehow I just can’t seem to catch the all-seeing eye of the Freshly Pressed judge.

I am sure there are others out there like me. Now that I’m back in the game, I’m more determined than ever. And surely you know, my readers, that should I make it to the Freshly Pressed page, I will ask my questions of the One Who Sees All and Selects, and I will publish the answers here.

The first question I’ll ask: How many of you are there? Is it just one, or are there many? Is there a Holy Trinity of WordPress?

Answers. I need answers.


7 responses to “The mystical allure of the Freshly Pressed page.

  1. Kristina, I admit I literally had dreams about being Freshly Pressed. I’m over it at this point. I look to Freshly Pressed to help me find other bloggers, though I don’t always ‘connect’ with the chosen ones.

    • I, too, have had haunting dreams about the day I check the WordPress app on my phone and find a thousand comments waiting to be approved because I’ve made FP. But it’s always fun to read the blogs on there, although not all of them appeal to me. Sometimes I read them just to see what’s special about them, and then I scoff at the ones with words misspelled or punctuation misplaced. ;o)

  2. I was obsessed with this briefly as well! The more I’ve read the FP posts, though, the lesser entranced I become. A lot of my friends’ posts are both better written and more engaging. This post, for example, is a heck of a lot more enjoyable than most the FP ones I’ve read!

    I’m going to keep on surfing the “life” tag for awesome new blogs to follow, my only WP goal at the moment. As I do, I’ll cross my fingers I’ll be seeing one of your posts on FP someday soon!

    • I’ve taken the surfing the “life” tag as well. There always are amazing posts in there that you know people should be reading. It’s a great way to find other bloggers and make connections.

      Thanks for the encouraging words, and for reading my blog!

  3. Sometimes the Freshly Pressed pics are real winners. Sometimes I can’t for the life of me imagine why some of them were chosen.

    But I’m still obsessed, too. ;D

    I’ve taken to reading particular tabs to discover new blogs though, because there aren’t enough Freshly Pressed blogs each day to even remotely satisfy me. ;D

    • I’ve found in my downtime that I really like surfing through the variety of blogs. Some of them are so weird. I wish I had bookmarked the blog of the guy who wrote in first-person from the perspective of his frog. It was so boring, but there was something magical about it.

      I also think I was the only person ever to read that blog.

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