Weekly photo challenge: refuge.


Sandhill cranes look like pterodactyls.

I shot this with my long lens and a filter which I pulled out of my bag and put back without looking at it. The weekly photo challenge on the Daily Post was a photo epitomizing “refuge.”

This would be it for me. I love this natural area. It’s relatively close to my house, and fairly new as well, but there are a ton of birds. Photographing birds is one of my favorite hobbies. Birds don’t cry and scream and tell you that they could take a better picture — they just wade and fly and make amazing noises.

After the last weekly photo challenge, “curiosity,” I wasn’t sure I would participate, but I knew I had the perfect photo this week.

Welcome to Florida. These are sandhill cranes, and yes, they do look like dinosaurs. No, they do not eat alligators … they’re not quite that large. However, their poop could possibly incapacitate a small child.

So here’s the deal: I didn’t want to write anything today. In fact, I seriously considered not writing anything. That of course would break this whole Post a Day thing, so here I am.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about today is that I fit into a pair of capris I haven’t fit into in over two years. When I moved, I considered throwing them away, but I’m glad I kept them. They’re super comfortable, and it gives me something to brag about. Heh.

Maybe the funniest thing I can say about today is that I saw one greyhound throw her toy to another greyhound. I’m watching them while their mom is out of town, and these two girls are such a hoot. When I got there this morning, I let them into their back yard for some playtime and Lucy grabbed a toy and started running in big loops around the yard. Lola, being the serious competitor of the two, darted after Lucy and a grand chase commenced.

The thing about Lucy is that she really enjoys a good run, but I think she equally enjoys playing with her toys. She’ll take a toy and throw it up in the air for herself to catch. I couldn’t believe it today when she tossed it for herself, as she usually does, and instead of throwing it too far and getting the confused “WHERE DID IT GO?!” look that I’m oh-so-familiar with, Lola caught the damn toy. I laughed for a good five minutes, until Lucy came over to have me scratch her butt and knocked me over doing what I call “The Lucy Butt Scratch Happy Hop.” On the ground, I laughed for another five minutes. Good times with greyhounds.


3 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: refuge.

  1. Beautiful, absolutely beauriful

  2. That is a gorgeous shot! How wonderful to be living so close to a place like that! I love to shoot birds too … in fact, sometimes I wish I could do something else … landscape or so, but that doesn’t seem to be my thing. Lately, I’ve tried to practice more to shoot ducks in flight. They’re always around at least.

  3. Your photo and the pterodactyl reference made me think about “Destination Truth” – have you ever seen that show? They investigate modern legends about creatures (e.g. the chupacabra), look for evidence, etc. Many times it turns out to be something like these cranes…just a regular native animal that under stressful circumstances and after several stories get pasted together, turns into some monster. The cultural aspect of it is fascinating. The show itself is hilarious because the host is funny.

    Anyway – keep up on the post a day goal (even if you miss some). I know it’s hard some days.

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