Greatest e-mail ever.

I just received the greatest e-mail ever. EVER. Someone who shall remain nameless — because they sent the e-mail anonymously instead of leaving a comment like a big boy or girl — sent me this beauty about my Gary Glitter blog post (my reactions are in bright blue):

just stumbled across your “blog”.

Really? I immediately discount your opinion because you put “blog” in quotation marks and you put the period outside of the closing mark. Bravo.

i have seenn some pretty horrible blogs in my time, but your’s is a whole nother level of bad.

This just gets better and better. Keep it coming.

i dont get offended easily, and i think i’m with everyone else when i say you are out of line saying bad things about “Glee”.

Oh, I’m sorry I offended yo — wait, what? You’re upset about my post because I said something bad about Glee?

that show does more for the little people then your sitty blog ever will.

You missed an “h.”

how can you, in good consceince, say the show is “preechy?”

How can you, in good conscience, correct someone when you can’t even spell conscience, and you can’t properly use quotation marks with other punctuation?

Glee isnt preechy. it saves many people. they wouldn’t know what to do about bullies unless Glee told them.

This has to be a joke. This person is capitalizing the name of a TV show like it’s the name of God.

until you stand up for gay ppl the way Glee does, you have no right to call it preechy.

Glee = not preechy. Gotcha.


Next time think about your use of CAPS lock.


a concerned reader

You stay classy, Glee fans.


7 responses to “Greatest e-mail ever.

  1. Sounds like someone who needs to get an education and a life. How could anyone take that email for being real. Sounds more like someone just playing a joke. Not a very intelligent one either.

    Keep writing your blog. It is your right and if Mr(s) Anonymous doesn’t like it that is a great compliment. Just think of all the energy and time they wasted when they could have been doing good in world or just having fun.

    Your work is awesome.

    • Thank you so much, Terry! I certainly got a good laugh out of the e-mail. Whoever wrote it is terribly misinformed, Nd completely missed the point of the original post.

      However, I do stand by my statement that Glee is “preechy.” Hehehe.

  2. I told you. You find the greatest “ppl” in the comments section. PS- LOVE the picture. It speaks volumes, my dear.

    • I found one that had as many minorities as possible. From left to right: an Asian girl, a gay kid, a kid in a wheelchair, an overweight black girl and a whiny-voiced brunette who tries to sound like Barbra Streisand. Oh wait … that last one isn’t a minority, it’s just obnoxious.

      (Let me make it very clear that I do not hate minorities. I just hate Glee.)

  3. I think there might be a smidgen of Jew in there too.

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