A note from the bath tub.

My legs are so stiff from working out. Today I met with a trainer for the first time, and he gave me an exercise schedule, which looks like it’s going to kill me.

I know I’m out of shape; that’s why I took my $10 away from Netflix to spend on a gym membership. I just wasn’t quite prepared for how much I would hurt. I did quite a bit last week — I went four days in a row, most of the time just walking on the treadmill or riding a bike. Maybe this stiffness is just lingering from that.

However, as far as consistent weight loss, I can safely say I’ve lost nine pounds. It fluctuates so much, depending on when I weigh myself.

So I want to hear from my fans, because I know I have fans … there are at least three of you who check in every day to see what/if I’m writing.

If you’ve worked out and had success, what best practices could you share with me? I like hearing what other people have to say, what they’ve tried and how they’ve managed the stiffness.

Me? Oh, I’m soaking in an epsom salt bath like a 90-year-old, eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning when I will get brutalized again.


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