The lick rule.

I recently have taken to marking my things. Ever since I was at the gym yesterday and some woman tried to pick up my water bottle and walk away, I realized the importance of making sure everyone knows that my possessions belong to me.

How do I do this?

I lick things.

If you come by and try to take my water bottle, I’ll lick it. Then you won’t want to touch it.

This morning, Peter tried to trick me and say he gave me the wrong coffee. I licked it, and told him he wouldn’t want it back.

I think this morning when I go out to my car, I’ll lick it, and then rapscallions won’t try to steal it.

I also am fairly certain I need to lick my DVDs and CDs before I lend them to people. That way I’m sure to get them back.


9 responses to “The lick rule.

  1. i got something you can lick

  2. I like this rule 🙂 and I’d really like to see you lick your car lol. Maybe my roommate wouldn’t have lost my nail clippers if I had licked them before I let her borrow them.

  3. I think if u start licking things ppl may think u have some sort of disability and try to have u committed. 😉

  4. LOVED your blog… and what a GREAT idea. Not too many (at least the ones in their right minds) will mess with your stuff then. Just make sure they SEE you licking those items that belong to you. 🙂

  5. There was a VW commercial a few years ago where people licked the cars they wanted. It was hysterical and your post totally made me think of that.

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