Family Feud.

Peter has become completely obsessed with playing Family Feud on Facebook.

I’ll sit next to him — as I am right now — and he will play Family Feud with such fervor. It’s adorable and endearing.

A good example of his enthusiasm for the Feud:

Peter: The category is, “Reasons someone wouldn’t be able to send an e-mail.”

(He enters in “No internet access,” and it is the second most popular response.)

Me: Try, “No fingers.”

Peter: Don’t give me the answers! Geez.

(He proceeds to enter in more answers, but only gets the first: “No internet access.”)

Peter: Oh man!

Me: What were the other answers?

Peter: No computer, injured hand/fingers….

So at that point I erupted in laughter.  “Injured hand/finger”? That has to be the best Family Feud response ever. Almost as good as the responses to “Reasons I can’t play the piano anymore.”

I’m still laughing on the inside. I wonder, had he used my suggestion of “no fingers,” would he have gotten that response? I guess we’ll never know.

Now that I have your attention and people actually comment on my blog now, what games do you people play on Facebook? I blocked Farmville, so I’m not sure, but I think that’s pretty passé now. Does anyone still play Farmville?


5 responses to “Family Feud.

  1. Scrabble!!!!

  2. Looking for this information for at least two days know. Not quite the explanation I was hoping for but nonetheless a broader perspective on the topic was give.

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