Dressing up.

I wore a dress yesterday. This is noteworthy because, for about six years, I didn’t wear dresses. Then, slowly but surely, they began to make their way back into my wardrobe.

But I’m not going to write about dresses. No, that would make for a pretty boring blog. What would I say?

“The square root of a dress (x) times the sum of a pair of pants (y) and a shirt (z) is greater than but not equal to half the value of a muumuu.”

Actually, that math is pretty sound.

No, instead I want to talk about the Palm Beach Zoo, and how, on a recent trip, I was incredibly disappointed to find they no longer have my favorite animal: the goat.

I love goats. I love to pet them. I love to feed them. I love to watch them hop around, and I love to listen to them make goat noises.

That’s why the petting area at the zoo was so perfect. They had these great goats, and zoo patrons could feed them. By enticing the goats closer with pellets, we could then pet the goats and listen to them make happy goat noises while they ate.

But the goats aren’t there anymore. In their place are two koalas that we can’t even pet. The koalas are fine; they look like they do some adorable koala things, like curl up on branches and eat leafy food. They’re cute, and they look like they would be great cuddlers.

Also, the koalas have cheesy names: Oz and Abby. I like puns, and naming animals obvious things.

However, I’m far more about goats than I am about koalas. And I’d really like to know what happened to the goats. There was one in particular, a really great black goat who used to always lounge in the shadows and give small children dirty looks.

I often wonder about this goat's fate.

Does anyone know about these goats? I’d like to find another petting zoo; I really think that’s the ideal situation for someone who loves goats and goat behavior, but can’t afford to own a goat.


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