Riding the tide.

Even though I haven’t posted on this blog in, oh, 1,000 years, somehow it still gets more hits than my other blog.

Here’s why: I wrote this post in a frenzy of frustration. I was irritated that people kept telling me to give 110 percent, and I was pretty sure those people just wanted me to work myself to death.

So I wrote about how unlikely it is that anyone can give more than 100 percent. If you’re already giving all you can, you can’t work harder. Saying, “You need to give 110 percent” … well, that’s just a cop-out for a lazy employer who doesn’t want to teach you the skills you need to do what they want.

That’s what it comes down to: it’s not about working harder. It’s about having the appropriate tools to follow instructions.

Since this blog gets so many more hits than the other one, I’m moving the operation back here (possibly only temporarily) to see what happens. With that blog, I usually just write about books. With this one, I can write about books, work, boyfriend or photography. Hell, I could even write about writing. Imagine that.

As an introductory post, how about a photo of myself pretending to be a star-nosed mole?

Dig it?

I’m not normally all gussied up, but I was covering a story today so I needed to look fancy. Also, I do have hair. It’s just hiding behind my head.

An image for comparison:

He digs it.

Okay … maybe that’s a stretch.


Update: Do a Google search for “110 percent.” My post is on the third page. No wonder it gets so many views.


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