Parks and Rec.

Of all the shows to start new seasons this month, I’m most excited for Parks and Recreation on NBC.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. But it could be. (Insert photo of me winking at NBC.)

Last fall, when I heard Parks and Rec got booted from the fall line-up for the extremely-racist-but-everyone-acts-like-it’s-okay Miles-Blandish comedy Outsourced, I was so angry. Especially after I watched the pilot of Outsourced and told everyone within earshot (also known as my boyfriend and the dog) that it should be called Outhoused.

I’m so excited for Parks and Rec that I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up on Jan. 20 for the season premiere.

Also, tomorrow is going to be the day I get my papasan chair set up in my room. So get ready for pictures of that.

Here’s a crane.

Cranes like to get all up in your grill.


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