Alligators and pointers.

The most fascinating thing to happen today occurred about ten minutes ago.

Jenny was outside going crazy by the fence. Since we live on a lake, I thought she was just barking at one of the thousands of birds that frequently taunt her through the chain link. I took a flashlight and went outside to try to scare whatever it was away and get her inside. The thing with Jenny is since she was trained to hunt by her previous owner, she is very persistent and even more protective. When she thinks that I am in danger, she becomes ferocious. As soon as she realized that I was outside, she became very animated, barking and jumping back and forth along the fence line. I actually thought she was going to knock the fence down.

I shined the light along the edge of the lake, and didn’t see anything. It was then that I heard it: the groaning, growling sound that only an alligator can make. I had the light trained on Jenny, and her eyes, which are becoming cloudy with the cataracts that arrive with old age in dogs, flashed blue-green as she ran to my side. Once she is under control, she is extremely obedient; Jenny sat next to me on command, but continued to growl.

As I passed the light over the bank once again, I caught the gleam of eyes and focused there for a moment. The gator was huge. It was probably about eight feet long, and it looked mighty angry to have been disturbed by Jenny. For some insane reason, I apologized to it for the upset that must have been caused by Jenny being so loud. Jenny sat by my side through all of this, her lips raised in a fierce snarl that I haven’t seen from her in a long time.

Jenny and I came inside, and I gave her a cookie for being my wonderful, protecting huntress.


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