A wonderful weekend.


After a busy morning doing laundry and cleaning my room (a little), Peter drove us up to Cocoa, where we met his sister Kari at her house. From there we drove to PF Chang’s in Orlando for Kari’s birthday dinner. I had never eaten there, and the food was great. Kari’s friend Katie told me she reads my blog, which was very flattering. Katie has an adorable baby, who showed up to dinner wearing a fantastic purple outfit and jelly sandals; definitely how I will dress my child. She looked charming.

Another thing that I should probably mention is my attire: a dress. I hadn’t worn a dress in years. I’m very self-conscious about how I look in a dress, but I found a really cute one at Old Navy. When I tried it on, I knew there was an issue with the cleavage, but I honestly did not realize how bad it was until I was sitting in the car on the way to dinner. Peter kept warning me about “side boob,” so I would fix the neck line and forget about it. I started to get really worried when Kari and I were walking out of Macy’s and I looked down to see my bra partially exposed. There wasn’t anything lewd showing, but it still made me pretty uncomfortable. Peter stared at me all night which made me laugh, which in turn made me feel better about my wardrobe malfunction.

Kari and Mike had been fostering a wonderful schipperke named Bear. Bear was a lovely fellow, very affectionate, but neither Kari nor Mike, admittedly, are ready for a dog, and their cats detested the hyper behavior in the house. They found a home for him on Saturday. I hope everything works out; he was a sweet boy.

Peter and I spent the night in Cocoa.


Peter, Mike and I drove back from Cocoa on Saturday morning. We stopped for breakfast near where the Brevard Manatees have their stadium. I had an asiago cheese bagel; it was the first bagel I have had in two months, and was like manna. Mike sat in the back seat of Peter’s Mustang, and made the excellent point that there really shouldn’t be a back seat: it’s very misleading, since no one can sit there comfortably. Mike squirmed around a lot and ironically fell asleep when Peter put on Van Halen and turned it up really loud.

The middle of the day on Saturday was dedicated to the Barrett-Jackson. This year was slightly disappointing. I was expecting much more; after the past few years, I guess I just have high standards. Once the novelty of seeing a classic Shelby GT500 replica wears off, a person is just kind of left there wondering, “Where are all the real ones?” I took a ton of pictures and talked to some pretty fascinating people.

After the auction, Peter, Mike and I went back to Peter’s house and ate dinner with his parents and Kari. Kari and Peter’s mom went shopping, so Peter, Mike and I went for a drive down the beach road. We started in Palm Beach, so Mike could see all of the glorious homes along the Atlantic. When we got to Manalapan, we stopped at the Ice Cream Club for scoops in a cup, and I showed the boys Florida Stage. I wrote for Florida Stage’s Student Critics program when I was in high school, and can’t remember how much tickets were, but I’m positive that they did not cost $45 a show as they do now.

When we got back to Peter’s house, Pete decided that he was too tired to take me home, so I spent the night.

Sunday (Easter):

I woke up, and Peter’s mom had made something called “egg bake.” I’ve had it before, but she has never made it with spinach and feta cheese (that I know of). I was great. Peter also told his parents that I think his mom is funnier than his dad, which is not necessarily true. Peter took me home after breakfast.

I spent most of the day working on school work. My mom made a ham and potato salad, I made carrots, my sister set the table and my dad slept in his chair. We had a pretty good day. No one fought, and I found out that my tuition will be covered next year by grants and scholarships, which is fantastic. I had been really worried about how I would afford school next year; to know that I worked hard enough to merit the scholarships that I have received is a definite validation.

After dinner, Peter and I went to see Adventureland. It was funny, in a subtle way. Much of the humor was in the awkward circumstances that the characters often find themselves in, but there were some moments of complete absurdity (usually provided by Bill Hader). The soundtrack to the movie was outstanding; I am definitely going to buy it.

Peter makes me very happy. We had a terrific weekend together.


2 responses to “A wonderful weekend.

  1. Congrats on your grants and scholarships! You deserve them.

  2. Thank you so much! And welcome to WordPress! When will we be seeing your blog?

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