I can neither confirm nor deny.

I met with Dean Meeks and Professor Sizemore today, and they issued me the task of managing editor next semester. Prof. Sizemore first came to me about a month ago, and since that time I have been mulling over whether or not I am ready for the job. I finally came to the conclusion that A) he would not have offered it to me unless he believes I can do it and B) after my internship this summer, I will have a much better perspective on the timeliness of news as related to a weekly periodical.

I am nervous beyond belief.

I am excited as well.

I know that the Beacon can win the awards that the dean would like us to procure. For me, it is a matter of honing the staff, helping everyone to be the best they possibly can while preparing them for work after school. It will also be about helping each journalism student create a portfolio that will WOW any editor who reviews it. First step: research Abilene Christian’s journalism department. What are they doing that we are not?

I also stopped by the Barrett-Jackson today to pick up my media credentials. After walking around for about an hour and taking 103 pictures, I decided to head home to explain to my parents why they should fund my on-campus housing. They are impressed by my recent appointment to managing editor, and promised to help me obtain loans so that I can be at PBA as much as I need to. I honestly makes more sense for me to live on campus than to spend $100 a week on gas driving back and forth.

Several of the pictures from the auction today are worthy of publishing. I got a great shot of the sun glinting off the chrome fixture on the headlight of a classic Corvette. I took the shot four times until I got it right.

There is also a picture of a woman cleaning the exterior of a hot rod with some sort of Swiffer/ShamWow device. I will try to get those pictures up as soon as I can.


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