Today, in a nutshell.

I wrote a 1400+ word blog entry, which was erased when I went to publish it.

I received my new zoom lens in the mail. I named it Tyrone. It zooms from 75-300mm. There was usage earlier in the back yard, and I’m bringing it to school with me tomorrow to fill the void between classes that is formed by the lack of Beacon meeting.

I overbooked Monday. I have to have cousin time with Mia, but I think that will include taking Evelyn to the airport. (Sorry Mia!)

I arranged off-campus housing, of sorts, for Evelyn.

I talked to Kelly! I missed the Kelly in my life. As a result, Saturday is Kelly Day. Also, if you know of a good photographer who is relatively inexpensive but very talented and can work on Halloween this year, let me know; Kelly needs someone to shoot her wedding.

I took an exam I wasn’t fully prepared for, but I think I did very well on it.

I ate a bagel with butter instead of cream cheese for the first time in years.

I listened to Best of Bowie on the way to and from school.

I almost sideswiped a car in the Dixie Parking Garage.

I used my laptop, even though the hard drive is corrupt.

And I capped off this wonderful day with an even more wonderful Peter sighting as he sipped tea and I sipped water and we watched the season finale of Burn Notice together. Oh yeah, and when I got to his house, his 35-pound Border Collie mix jumped in my lap, pinned me down by putting her front paws on my shoulders, and kissed me until I couldn’t breathe.


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